BFF Asian

Friday night we (me, my wife, and daughter) went over to BFF Asian Grill. My wife ordered the tuna tower and a the amazing roll, and I ordered the Lemon Grass Grilled Beef Banh Mi and a beer flight. The tuna tower is very fresh, tasty, has all the flavors one would associate a tuna tower with at any sushi restaurant. The Banh Mi’s beef is very tender, juicy and flavorful. Banh Mi comes with all of the normal fixings, including some sliced raw jalapeño. The beer flight, however, was interesting. I tried local brews (from Texas).  The beers from right to left were Legal Draft Brewery Gluten FreePeticolas Royal Scandal, Rahr and Sons Summertime Wheat,  and Woodcreek Bourbon Barrel BockAs you would imagine, the Legal Draft beer was light, water like, but crisp.  Peticolas was very refreshing and had notes of citrus. Rahr and Sons was very similar to any type of hefeweizen one might have, but not as sweet as some are. Lastly, the Woodcreek was heavy, yet surprisingly tasty.  It was a good experience, I would probably try different beers for a flight next time, these weren’t my favorite beers by far, but I was trying something new.